ERG Transformation

Covers the different phases of ERG evolution, promote sustainable governance and leadership models, increase the value proposition, align ERG goals to business goals, develop metrics to measure the right initiatives, and share tools to engage executives and employees.

ERGs 3-Phase Transformational Model

• Understand phases of ERG Evolution

• Promote sustainable governance and leadership models

• Increase value proposition

• Align ERG goals to business goals

• Develop metrics to measure the right initiatives

• Engage executives and employees


In addition, we also offer programs designed to meet other needs:

• Positive Persuasion to Improve Communication
• Reignite Your Spiritual Self
• Enhance Your Online Personal Brand

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After the training you become a better version of yourself
Bertha Monterrubio
Thank you for the amazing ERG Leadership Training and Planning Session. It was full of information and best practices. I’ve learned so much.
Luis Vassallo
The hands-on instructors were very engaged, and provided the best possible training that could be presented for the benefit of the participants and the sponsors.
Barry Cordero
Thanks much for such a wonderful program today! I very much enjoyed it and heard many excellent comments as well.
Maria Ochoa
We found the training very actionable. It was a great session and I look forward to be part of more in the future!
Everyone enjoyed the engagement and knowledge shared. You did a great job helping everyone make their own connections.
Bernice Radaideh